Get Your Highest Credit Score:
Good Advice for Bad Credit

Highest Credit Score

Making sure you have the highest credit score is one of the most important factors when it comes to your financial life. 

High credit scores allow you to achieve easier loan approvals, get the lowest interest rates, purchase a home, get discounted insurance, increase employment opportunities, and much more.

Credit scores range from 300 – 850. According to Experian, a bad credit score is one below 670.

A study by Experian also shows that the average credit score for people under 50 years old is dangerously close to that number.

  • Ages 20 – 29: FICO Score 662
  • Ages 30 – 39: FICO Score 673
  • Ages 40 – 49: FICO Score 684

According to Harvard, 66% of the United States population is under age 50.

Do you know where you stand?

It’s time to take action and get your highest credit score!

Quick Tips to Improve Your Credit

To fix a bad credit score, you need to understand the basic components of what determines your credit score. The average American is given little information as to how credit scores actually work, so we’ve done the legwork for you in this guide.

Credit scores change over time, often month to month, so what you do today will impact your future score. Here’s some advice on what you alone can do to help fix your score.

  1.  Obtain a copy of your credit report. Your credit report shows your entire credit history, payments made, and what accounts are being reported on your credit. There may be errors or mistakes that aren’t even yours. There may be accounts you have that aren’t being listed on your report. Don’t let your credit suffer from someone else’s mistake. Make sure all your accounts are being reported to increase your positive credit. If there’s errors on your report, you’ll want to dispute those with the credit agencies.
  2. Make your payments on time. It sounds obvious, but 65% of your credit score is from your payment history and credit utilization. Making your payments on time is critical, as it shows both your ability and willingness to pay your debts, and your credit score will improve based on your performance. Missing payments results in negative or derogatory entries on your credit report, and they can stay on that report, hurting your score, for 7 years.
  3. Pay down your debts. Using up more than 30% of your credit utilization (your available credit) negatively impacts your credit score. We would all be debt free if it was easy, and paying down debt should be a priority. You’ll be glad you chose to, and your credit score will be too.
  4. Hire a professional. Searching your report line by line, finding incorrect information, filing the correct paperwork for disputes, and discovering ways to increase your credit can require a lot of time and effort. It can be quite a headache if you try to do it alone. To fix your bad credit as fast as possible, having a credit repair service do the work for you can be the best option.

The Credit Fix Guy

Most credit repair companies have you submitting your private information to them (such as social security number), and they go through your records, looking to see if they can find a way to help you. 

This process can take weeks, while you are waiting patiently, paying upwards of $100 a month with no guarantee. 

Most of these companies are also not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, so why would you trust them?

When things go wrong, we all need a guy we can trust to fix our problems. 

When your cable’s not working, you call the cable guy.

When you have a pc issue, you call the computer guy.

If your credit is broken, get help from The Credit Fix Guy.

A Personal Approach with Proven Results

Al Jackson - The Credit Fix GuyMeet Al Jackson aka the Credit Fix Guy. 

Al has helped thousands of people raise their credit scores. He has made it his personal mission to provide affordable credit repair help to those that could not otherwise afford it. Al has three simple goals:

1. Help you increase your credit score.
2. Educate you on the process.
3. Teach you how to mantain your good credit.

Are you ready for a change in the right direction?

Why Choose The Credit Fix Guy?


The Credit Fix Guy puts your privacy first. Unlike other credit repair companies, he doesn’t need or ask for your Social Security Number. Your private information is safe and secure at all times.

The company also has proper accreditation, with an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau, so you know his services are legit.


The Credit Fix Guy does all the work for you, and he treats everyone’s file as unique. No cookie-cutter methods or software.

He analyzes your reports, identifies your negative items and will professionally draft dispute letters within 48 hours.

All you have to do is mail them off and get those great results!


The Credit Fix Guy not only helps you fix your bad credit and get your highest score, but goes above and beyond to personally ensure your good credit is there to stay.

He believes in teaching his clients and customers about the credit repair process, as well as maintaining good credit once achieved.

He also gives away thousands of dollars each month of his own credit repair books, written by him.

Guaranteed Results

There are No Contracts! You only pay for the results you receive.

No Deletions or Positive Updates = No Charge!

Al states “I guarantee that if I do not remove any items off your report in 30 days I will give you a full refund or work the following month for free.”

Once you receive your good results, you decide when you are ready to pay for your next round.  

With The Credit Fix Guy there are no bills, no commitment, no auto debit.  You are always in complete control of your money.


Don’t just take our word for it!

Here’s just one of the many happy customers The Credit Fix Guy has helped reach their goals!

Fix Your Credit and Fix Your Financial Life

There’s no time like the present to set yourself up for financial success.

Raising your credit score will save you thousands of dollars in the long run and is one of the most vital parts of living in financial independence. Get the help you need to take control of your money.

Don’t delay! Your highest credit score is just a click away!

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