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What person wouldn’t want to make more money and have extra cash in their savings or bank account?

Most people would be happy and enjoy a little financial padding, along with the security and freedom that comes with it. Having a little extra money provides stress relief, enables you to pay down debts, or give you the power and ability to take that expensive vacation you’ve been planning, or purchase that product you’ve had your eye on.

Let’s be real. The reason you are here is so you too can learn how to make more money.

This article is not a guide to some get rich quick scheme. This article is also not going to teach you how to build a business, or start something from scratch that can take tons of time investment, and months or years before you start seeing any return or revenue.

This article will show you how to make more money now. We’ve compiled a list of fast and easy ways to make money on the side, to supplement your full-time job or income, and turn your free time into cash. Let’s get started!

1. Sell or Trade-in Your Unwanted Belongings and Possessions

The fastest way to make more money is to sell what you already have.

We all have things that are sitting around and collecting dust, and may never need or use again. It’s time to go through your attic, basement, closets and shelves, and turn your unused possessions into instant cash.

In this age, there are many ways to do it, online and offline. Here are some options:

  • Have a yard sale or garage sale. Announce it on by word of mouth, on Facebook or other social media, and put up a few signs around your neighborhood to drive traffic to your sale. Group your items in a logical sense by category so it’s easier to shop and your customers can find what they’re looking for. You might even offer a box of freebies, or free water or lemonade, keeping your customers longer and increasing your chance of making sales.
  • The Decluttr website and app makes it easy to sell your items. Enter the number on your item’s bar code, and you’ll get an instant offer. Then you just pack all your items into a box and ship them off for free.
  • Electronics, games, music and clothing can be quick sellers on Ebay.
  • You can also sell clothing on Thredup, Poshmark or LetGo, or at your neighborhood thrift store.
  • If you have larger items that would be difficult to ship, consider advertising on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or other local swap and sell guides.
  • Have a lot of books? Sell them on Amazon.
  • Make money by selling unused gift cards on CardPoolRetailMeNot or Raise.
  • Trade in old phones or electronics on Swappa, NextWorth, or Amazon’s’ trade-in program.

After you’ve finished your belongings, you can offer to sell other people’s things on their behalf. Chances are your family or friends have collected stuff they’d like to get rid of, but don’t want to take the time doing it.

You can sell it for them, taking a percentage of the profits.

Another option would be direct sales. Reach out to friends, family, co-workers, or post on social media that you are offering every day products directly through companies like Tupperware, MaryKay or Avon.

2. Use Your Current Skills, Talents, Hobbies and Passions

We all have things we love to do, so why not make money while enjoying what we do? 

  • Do you sing or play an instrument? Offer availability to teach students wanting to learn, either in an individual or class setting
  • If you are passionate about health and fitness, host a yoga class, aerobics class, or another type of class. You can also offer personal training. 
  • Do you have mechanical or woodwork skills, or good at fixing things? Offer your services at comparable rates, or discounted to friends.
  • If you love pets, consider dog walking. There are apps and websites to get you started, like Wag! or
  • Know anyone going on vacation? Ask about house-sitting, or check locally on
  • Do you create arts & crafts, or home made items like candles, lotions or knick-knack? Make money by displaying and selling them on Etsy. 30 million shoppers spent more than $2.8 billion on Etsy last year.
  • Do you enjoy teaching others? Are you good in math, science or multiple languages? Private tutor online at
  • If you enjoy graphic design and fashion, come up with some cool designs and sell custom t-shirts on
  • Have you written a book? Fiction, non-fiction, an instructional guide? Convert it to a PDF file to publish it as an ebook and sell it on Amazon.

3. Do Freelance Work Online

There are opportunities for a variety of freelance jobs, such as writing, programming, design, graphic design, marketing, music, audio, translation, and more.

Fiverr lets you list the service you’ll provide and the price for your service, starting from five dollars and up. Say you like designing logos. You can list that service as a seller and a fixed price on how much you will charge for the design. The buyer then pays your asking price for the design.

Upwork is another very popular freelance marketplace. It is similar to Fiverr in that you list the service you provide, but buyers bid on the price for your service, so it’s not a fixed or guaranteed price.

Both companies have their benefits in income and model structure. Both have a large user base, and many people make hundreds or thousands of dollars each month completing simple jobs without a lot of time investment.

Amazon Mechanical Turk  lets you make money by doing paid micro tasks online. Micro tasks require minimal effort, and are quick and simple. Some examples are rating search results, spell checking, categorizing  articles, or basic translating services. It’s not the most exciting work, but it’s easy to do and worth checking out to make some extra cash when you’re bored or not doing anything else.

4. Get Paid to Take Surveys, Watch Videos or Test Apps in Your Free Time

There are lots of websites and apps that will pay you for watching videos or taking quick surveys, and InboxDollars is one of the best.

You can be rewarded and earn cash for your everyday online activities like watching videos, reading emails, taking short surveys, playing games, online shopping or using coupons. They even provide step-by-step guides, showing you how you can make an extra $60 a month with their app. 

Make better use of your time and earn money while you are just watching tv or a movie, standing in line, waiting on a friend, or whenever you have free time.

Even better, you also get an instant $5 in your account when you join. Sign up to InboxDollars and start earning today!

5. Rent Out Your Extra Space and Belongings

Have a spare bedroom or two? Maybe you are going on vacation or won’t be at your home for a few days. Why not let your home make you money with the extra space you have available.

Listing your home or room on rental sites can be very lucrative. According to data from Earnest, Airbnb hosts earn an average of $924 per month. That can be quite a boost to your income!

It doesn’t have to be limited to your house, either. Maybe you have space in your garage, or an empty storage shed. You can rent them out to people who need room for their personal items, and pay less than the cost of a commercial storage unit.

You might have space on your yard, driveway or parking lot. Depending on where you live, parking spots can be a premium. Create a dedicated area and rent out your own parking spot on Craigslist or another service. You could even use the “honor system” and just add a parking sign with a locked box for people to place their money in for parking.

You can even rent out your belongings, from tools, furniture, cameras, video games or consoles when you’re not using them. Sites such as Zilok or FatLlama are perfect for renting out belongings. FatLlama will also pay you $20 just for signing up.

6. Make Money While Driving

Join Uber or Lyft (or both) and make more money just by driving passengers around. Driving just one night a week could easily earn you enough to make your monthly car payment and more.

The average Uber and Lyft driver report making an average of $15 – 18 an hour.

If you don’t mind others driving your car, or if you own a desirable car, you can rent it out by the hour or day at Getaround or Turo.

Do you have an RV that you only use a couple times a year? Rent it out while you’re not using it with RVshare.

7. Get Cash Back when Shopping

Groceries are a fact of life. We need food to survive. So why not make money on the food items we already buy?

The Ibotta app gives you cash back on groceries you purchase. Some of their offers can be brand specific, while others give you cash just for purchasing a certain type of item, like bread, or pasta, or frozen foods.

Select the food items you’ll buy, then submit a picture of your receipt and get paid. You can redeem your payment with Venmo, PayPal, or as gift cards. Signing up for Ibotta will also give you a $10 welcome bonus.

8. Join Focus Groups

This may or may not be available at your location, but you should definitely take a look.

Many companies are willing to pay for feedback on products and sharing thoughts. It’s a part of research and development. This is often done through focus groups (i.e. you and a group of other participants), to which you get compensated for your time.

Check out FindFocusGroups and FocusGroup to see what is available near you.

9. Participate in Clinical Trials

If you don’t mind putting your body on the line, you can make pretty good money from participating in clinical trials and studies.

Plus you get to add to medical knowledge that can assist or enhance the lives of others. 

Volunteers may receive medical intervention or treatment to compare the results against similar treatments, a new medical approach, or no treatment at all. Check out for more information.

9. Lose Weight and Be Healthy to Make Money

We’ve all been here before. You look in the mirror or step on the scale one day and realize you’ve packed on some extra pounds or inches around your waist.

Maybe you tried a diet but just couldn’t stick with it. You want to get in better shape, but just couldn’t find enough motivation.

This is where HealthyWage steps in. HealthyWage will literally pay you for losing weight. Set a weight loss goal for yourself and check-in on the app as you progress. Shrink your body and grow your bank account at the same time. What more motivation do you need?

10. Enter Online Sweepstakes, Contests and Giveaways

We’re sure you’ve been to websites and seen flashing ads to win money, gift cards or prizes. As with any contest, you can’t win unless you enter.

Chances might be small that you win, but if you do, then it really pays off. We recommend using a separate email address when you register so your every day email inbox isn’t filled with notifications.

Don’t know where to start? has a list of current sweepstakes you can join.

11. Recycle

Yes, believe it or not, you can make money from your trash. While it won’t make you rich anytime soon, recycling will pocket you some extra cash that you would otherwise be throwing away.

  • Most states give you money on every bottle or can you return at your recycling center.
  • Scrap metal like copper or iron can be recycled and pay you by the pound.
  • Bring your old car battery to the auto store for a refund or a credit when buying a new battery.
  • Return your ink cartridges to the office supply store for cash or credit on your account.

12. Transfer High Interest Debt to a Low Interest Loan

This isn’t a long-term solution or strategy for making money since you have to pay it back. Generally, we also don’t recommend taking on additional debt if you have current debts to pay. However, it is a way to get some extra cash when you’re in a bind.

Transferring high interest debt (like a credit card) to a low interest personal loan will also save you money by paying less interest, thereby costing less to pay off your debt.

To take full advantage of low interest loans, you need to make sure your credit rating is in good shape. Having low or bad credit can cost you hundreds of dollars per year. Stay on top of your credit score with a credit-monitoring service.

Saving money is making money. A dollar saved is a dollar earned. The more areas you can identify to save money, the more money you will have in the future. 

For more ideas on simple things you can do each day to save money, see our article 10 Easy Ways to Save Money Today.

13. Passive Income - Let Your Current Savings Grow Your Money

You may have already taken measures to start saving money, or already have some money tucked away in an account. In this case, you should make sure your savings are accruing additional interest, which increases your savings more.

This is called passive income.

Let your money work for you and reap the benefits from it.

  • Invest your spare change. The Acorns app will automatically invest your spare change by rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar, growing your wealth. Nickels and dimes add up, and it’s a great way to increase your financial portfolio without you even thinking about it. Acorns has additional benefits such as earning cash back on your everyday shopping, referral rewards, and they’ll also give you $5 just for signing up.
  • Put your funds in a high-yielding money market and make more interest than with a standard checking or savings account. Checking accounts generally don’t pay interest on your balance. Standard savings accounts have a very low average yearly return of 0.06%. Ask your bank about their money market offers, or look at competing bank offers to see if you can get a better return on your savings.
  • Invest your savings. Take advantage of your employer’s 401k or IRA plan. Many companies offer a contribution match, generally up to 5%. That is free money. Set up automatic payments to an investment fund. According to Dave Ramsay‘s research, the average annual return on the S&P 500 since 1923 has been 12.25%. Investing your money could give you that 12% more than you currently have.


The idea of getting rich quick is usually a false reality. There are, however, many quick and easy things you can do to make more money, increase your quality of life, and progress on the path to financial freedom.

It’s up to you to take the next step. Monetize your existing skills and hobbies. Make better use of your down time. Make smarter money decisions each day. Let your current belongings and savings make money for you.

A little bit here and there adds up to a whole lot in the end. Enjoy!

For more info on securing your financial future, read our article on How to Escape the Paycheck to Paycheck Trap.

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