Best for Budget / Personal Finance

Mint brings all of your accounts together so you can conveniently manage your finances from one dashboard. Easily create a budget and see all your bills and money at a glance. Mint also gives unlimited access to check your credit scores.

You Need a Budget (YNAB) gives you total control over your money. YNAB teaches you their budget method step-by-step, provides real-time information, graphs and charts, and tracks your goals until you reach them.

Personal Capital lets you see all of your banking and investment accounts in one secure and convenient place. You can not only set up and track your budget, but also keep an eye on your investments, plan for retirement, or speak with one of their fiduciary advisors.

With Quicken, you can view your banking, investment, retirement, and credit card accounts – all in one place. Stay on top of your spending by tracking what’s left after the bills are paid. Make more informed money decisions by creating custom budgets you’ll stick to. Quicken provides depth and a broad range of tools.

Best for Taxes

TurboTax is tailored to your unique situation-it will search for the deductions and credits you deserve, so you’re confident you’ll get your maximum refund. TurboTax coaches you every step of the way and double checks your return as you go to handle even the toughest tax situations, so you can be confident you’re getting every dollar you deserve. Every year it gets even easier. As a returning customer, TurboTax will automatically transfer last year’s data to help ensure accuracy and save you time.

Best for Credit Score Monitoring

Identity IQ monitors your credit score and report daily from all 3 reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) and does so much more! Identity IQ protects your identity and personal information. There’s a victim of identity theft every 2 seconds, so be smart and get peace of mind knowing you are safe with Identity IQ. Other features include alerts by phone, text or email if a threat is detected, reimbursement for lost wages, stolen cash or personal expenses up to $1 million dollars, and you can view your credit report and score at any time!

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